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Orphan Village Africa in Madoro Village

OVA in South Sudan circa 2008 & 2011

In 2008 John Dermezian founded OVA’s South Sudan Division to educate and care for the children of Madoro Village in Enzo.

Mission Land Rover

We wouldn’t have journeyed 400-miles to some of the most far-reaching and cut-off lands of the region had it not been for the steadfastness of this vehicle, lent to us by Emmanuel, and handled by the ever-efficient Daniel.

Madoro Gets its First Water Pump

We went through hoops to get the pump to the village. It travelled from Kampala—where it was purchased—and was delivered to us in Juba. It was then stored in Yambio, where it awaits its installation in Madoro. Just one last hoop before the village gets to have clean water.

School Teachers Get Books

Six school teachers are able to start a library after they are supplied with books. The school in Madoro can hardly be called a building and the supplies remain scarce. However, where there are people, there is a community and that is all the incentive one needs to hope for a better, brighter future for these kids.

Meet the Madoro Orphans

Justin, Jackson, Marta, Victoria, John, Moses, and Denis. Seven of the 105 known orphans of Madoro pose for a photo. All cared for by their grandparents, their future is no more uncertain.


Sponsored by supporters back in the UK, Madoro’s very own football team shows off its new kit.

Orphan Village Africa in Uganda

OVA Reaffirms its Commitment towards Orphans

A journey rather abruptly cut short in 2013 begins again in Uganda.

A Work in Progress

OVA Uganda Objectives:

  • 20 homes
  • 400 children between the ages of 5 & 12
  • Walled village
  • Clean water
  • Education
  • Crops
  • Community

Land Clearance

OVA managed to purchase and clear a 9-acre wide land for the purpose of farming and housing.

Fences Up, Guards Down

The area requires 892 metres of the fence and a gate to be fully secured against cattle.

  • 348 metres
  • 481 metres
  • Gate

Water Found!

A water survey found the presence of water, which means a drill is all that’s required to bring clean water to Beywale.


Planting is underway to make OVA a completely independent, self-sufficient, and functional community of children and their extended families in the next two years.

Orphan Village Africa: The Yambio Chapter

OVA Extends a Helping Hand to Yambio Orphans

Yambio is a living, breathing example of how a little water is all a flower needs to grow into its own.

The buds you see here are thriving, blooming, and going to school. They are having as normal a childhood as can be in Yambio, and they couldn’t be happier.


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